Подшипники - 2013-08-01

NSK Booklet: Bearing Designation Systems

NSK compact booklet explains supplementary bearing designations & helps with choosing bearings and ordering spare parts.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a designation as ‘an official title or description’. Even bearings have their own designations. This code is either stamped or lasered onto the component and provides detailed information about the bearing type, bore size and any special design features – provided you know how to decipher it. 

Now, NSK has published a handy, paperback-sized booklet which decodes the most common supplementary designations used for NSK and RHP bearings. The 48-page publication starts by describing how the order codes for bearings are made up before explaining the standardised basic designations. It then looks at the company’s own system of prefixes and suffixes. The booklet concludes with a table that compares NSK’s and RHP’s supplementary designations with those used by other bearing manufacturers.

This booklet enables bearing users to identify the precise design and specification of a bearing based on the order code printed on the packaging and the component itself. The designations include information such as the type of seal, the internal bearing clearance, tolerance class, the heat treatment and the amount of grease.

The booklet ‘Bearing Designation System’ is available under the section Downloads-Services

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