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Ultra-Long-Life Ball Bearings for Transmissions

NSK News - NSK develops Ultra-long-life Ball Bearings for Transmissions, designed to make bearings more compact and lightweight, with less friction. ...

NSK Develops Energy-Saving Bearings for High-Efficiency Motors

News - NSK Develops Energy-saving Bearings for High-efficiency Motors. Increasing motor efficiency by cutting friction loss in half. ...

VW Up! Featuring Steering Column EPAS and Bearings Produced by NSK

NSK News - VW up! featuring steering column EPAS and bearings produced by NSK: Energy-saving power steering for VW’s smallest model ...

NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

News: NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show-Creating A Road to the Future through Innovation. Now And Always. Contributing to the Future through Compact/Lightweight, Low Friction Loss, Ultra High Speed Rotation & the Development of Mechatronic ...

NSK Develops a Lead-Robot with Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities

News:NSK develops guide robot combining external recognition & obstacle avoidance technology; reducing blind spots & increasing stability. Combination and unification of robot drive technology, recognition technology & robot-human ...

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